Twice Bitten Clothing & Accessories

Clothing and Accessories inspired by the dark and edgy sides of rock n roll. Punk meets Glam. Grunge seduces Goth. Always funky, totally unique.

About us

Twice Bitten is a new, fresh, edgy, fun online boutique brought to life by Sheri Williams; a west-coast gal/momma shopping addict music obsessed fashion fanatic who has always loved expressing herself in her style and believes that you don't need to break the bank to look FABULOUS!!

In 2001, Sheri started a clothing line designing and hand crafting every piece of clothing herself.She started by selling her clothes at home parties and eventually sold some clothing in local boutiques and gained alot of fans.Along came marriage and the baby carriage;and Sheri put away the all-mighty,very time consuming sewing machine to focus on raising her beautiful daughter.

A few years has past, the baby has grown, and the itch to get back into bringing wicked clothing to people needs to be scratched! Still busy as a working mother, Sheri wanted to find a way of doing this without breaking out the sewing machine again....

This is where Twice Bitten was born. Finding cool new clothes that reflect her style and what she think others will enjoy just as much as herself. Affordability is a MUST. Most people can't afford the labels and dont need to, to look amazing. You will find brand new clothing ;and also some cool vintage/funky thrift store finds that NEED another chance to make you look wicked whether it's going out for a coffee or heading out to a great rock show.

Twice Bitten is inspired by every era of the rock n roll world (PUNK! GLAM! GRUNGE! GOTH!), old Hollywood Glamour and pin up girls to modern day styles. Clothes that work in everyday life and clothes to wear out on the town.

Hope you enjoy shopping Twice Bitten. Have Fun. Enjoy, Take a Nibble!!

Peace ,Love ,Rock n' Roll!

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